Monday, May 17, 2010

An Introduction...

Welcome, one and all (perhaps just one) to 'Out of the culinary' - an online journal where a young engaged couple in their early twenties make the move from college food and prepackaged microwave meals, into the world of fresh veggies, fresh baked bread and homemade dishes. The true challenge is, we're doing this while trying very hard to stay healthy, that means the world of cakes and fatty oils is off limits. We're trying to cook with fresh ingredients, using only healthy components (I.E. no butter - sorry Mrs. Childs), we hope to not only enjoy the world of cooking, but to not weigh 300 lbs when it's all said and done. With the help of a few cookbooks and not much else, we're diving right into the world of cooking. Throughout the week we hope to post our recipes, our experiences and our observations as we head on into our newly discovered passion.

Introducing the cooks:

Tyler, (myself) a young twenty-something, one year out of business school - earning grocery money in the financial world. Between Maggie and myself, I actually started with the most cooking experience (which is really frightening when I tell you that prior to becoming a full blown cooking fanatic - my 'cooking experience' was the ability to make [Pre-mixed] pancakes) Cooking for me has become an escape. When I come home from another long day at work, I can roll up my selves and dive into a recipe and feel the tension and stress wash away.

Maggie, (my wonderful bride-to-be) another young twenty something who is also just freshly out of college. Maggie makes her trade in the medical field. When Maggie and I started dating, her cooking ability was limited to boiling water - and she will be the first to tell you that is NO exaggeration. Since then, (with a little help from family and friends) she has become quite the cook. (And I'm not just saying that because she'll likely read this later).

There you have it. We are nothing more than two young, just-out-of-college kids who were looking for a way to change their lifestyle. We knew we had to get away from pre-packaged frozen meals, fast food and the like - we just didn't know how. Cooking seemed so hard, so complicated (and so very, very expensive) we didn't think we could even muster a try. With a little self encouragement, we took the first steps with some simple homemade meals - and everything snowballed from there. We found that not only was cooking relatively easy - it was fun! (and not at all expensive!) And now we have a full blown passion for cooking. We love it, we love sharing it and most of all...eating it. Here's hoping you will enjoy reading about our passion as much as we love sharing it with you.


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