Sunday, May 23, 2010

Site updates!!

Hello again everyone! Just a quick note on the changes I'm sure you've all noticed on the site. Yes, I have updated the layout, changed the color and even created our very own blog header! (It gives us a little more of a 'professional look' no?). On the side, I've opened up a poll regarding what to do with Monday's post. Feel free to cast your vote of what you'd like to see us do on Mondays. I've also added an RSS subscribe button, for those of you who use RSS readers to follow your favorite websites. While I'm not the biggest fan of the dots in the background, this new formatting option does allow us for more room - in addition to adding a nice new header at the top and it fixes the 'pictures off center' problem our old template had. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. (I've spent a lot of time tweaking the site tonight - as you may notice I'm posting this at 1:20 am or so  O_o ...getting a little tired here) I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. I'm off to bed - this is one tired cook


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