Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brewery Review: Madhouse Brewery

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I am delighted I live in a state that supports local business, that also happens to be local breweries.  There are plenty to choose from in the central Iowa region.  One we recently visited is Madhouse Brewery, on the southern end of the East Village in Des Moines.

When you walk in, the first thing that hits you is how industrial the space looks; I believe this was done on purpose.  Also, make sure to come at a less popular time (like 2:00 PM on a Saturday,) because there is only seating for maybe 30 folks?  But enough about the space, more about the brew!

Madhouse proudly presents their five "flagship beers" flight on a treated wood board, that is in the shape of Iowa.  If you are lucky, one of the brewmasters will describe each beer and talks to you about the process of how each is made.  If one of them aren't available, a handy dandy cheat sheet will do just the same.

Their first on the flagship flight is a Honey Pilsner, which is very light on the pallet and good for anyone who favors lighter beers.  This one is personally my favorite and I love the sweet notes it leaves when you are done drinking it.

The second is a Pastime Ale, which is a little bit stronger than the pilsner and more hearty.  If you are a fan of any kind of ale beers, this might suit your pallet.

The third on the flight is the Hopburst IPA.  Some of you steer clear of the IPA's because of the strong hoppy-ness they tend to have.  Not this one - the hops are toned down and don't kick you in the face.  If you want an IPA to change your mind about typical IPA's, this one will do the trick.

The fourth is the Oak-Aged Imperial Red.  This one has been Tyler's favorite red beer for quite some time.  For a bolder taste, without going completely to the dark beer spectrum, I'd recommend this. Not as hoppy, but a smooth texture goes down easy.

The fifth and final on the flight is a Sumatra Coffee Stout.  Really dark beers aren't my thing, and this one would qualify as a really dark beer.  One sip and it further proved my point that I am not a fan.  But, if you enjoy this style, you will really appreciate the smoothness and bold flavor.

After our flight, we got a tour of the brewery and upcoming brews.  I always find it interesting when a brewmaster takes the time to educate regular folk about their beers.

If you are looking for a quiet, well rounded brewery, I would recommend Madhouse Brewery in Des Moines.  You will not be disappointed!

As we visit more breweries, I hope to enlighten you all on our craft beer journey.  And if it's not your thing, it ain't no thing!  Until next time,


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