Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week's Ingredients:

It's a new week, which means two things. 1: A return to the working world (boo!) 2: A new week of recipes and cooking here at Out Of The Culinary (Yay!!). Although we haven't made the trip to the grocery store (yet), I do have a list of what we are getting for this week's recipes. (We're tentatively calling it a grocery list - haven't committed to the name yet, we'll have to see if it catches on with people.)

Ha! Oh boy, it's dangerous to type this up on Monday morning before I good to work...

All joking aside - this week's ingredients are:

1 X Bottle Store Brand Ketchup
1 X Bag of Brown Sugar
1 X Bottle Liquid Smoke
1 X Can Minced Onions
1 X Package of Bacon
Cheddar Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Bakery Fresh Buns
3 X Lemons (Yes, three...we've got big lemon plans this week)
1 Lb Hamburger (93/7)
4 X Fresh Chicken Breasts
2 X Bulbs of Garlic
1 X Medium Onion
1 X Red Chili Pepper

That's what we're using this week. Once again, I'm taking Tuesday & Thursday, with Maggie making her dish on Wednesday. This week, I'm getting a little creative. Instead of using two recipes as guidelines, I'm taking parts of two recipes and combining them into one meal (on Tuesday) and taking a recipe we've already visited and reworking it (Thursday). We always wanted to eventually turn this into a blog where we share our own recipes - and tomorrow we're going to take our first baby steps towards that. Be sure to check in tomorrow to see more. (Working late this week, the blog will likely be up a little later than last week. Thanks for your understanding.) As always, thanks for stopping by and until tomorrow,

~ Cheers

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