Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's Try This Again

Why hello there everyone! It's Monday once again and this time we're 100% healthy. That means that this week, we will finally have some recipes to share. Maggie has recovered form her miserable cold and I managed to avoid catching said miserable cold (hooray).

We're working on the same three recipes (after all - we already have the ingredients!) and the same schedule. Maggie will be cooking Tuesday and Wednesday and I will be taking Thursday.

The recipes we are featuring this week are:

Classic buttermilk waffles - a simple and easily modified way to make the traditional breakfast staple

Thai Chicken Soup - Chicken noodle soup with an asian twist

Prosecution Provolone Panini - A normal grilled cheese sandwich that suddenly found the urge to travel to Italy

I'm amping my original recipe up a little for Thursday and turning the whole dish into a breakfast themed extravaganza - it should be a lot of fun. And, so long as we stay healthy - it should actually happen this week! 

One final note for this evening - for those of you planning big Thanksgiving meals - you'll want to tune in to the blog next week We will be kicking off your Thanksgiving dish week starting next Tuesday. We will be tackling recipes for the best turkey day meals - one day at a time. Yes, this does include turkey and pumpkin pie. It's sure to be interesting and who knows - maybe you'll find an idea to try out on your own Thanksgiving meal. 

That's next week, however. This week, we're just trying to actually cook some meals. We'll get started tomorrow evening - so be sure to stop back then and see what Maggie has cooking! Until then, 


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