Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday's Recipe: Stuffy With A Chance Of Congestion

Happy Tuesday everyone! If today's blog title didn't clue you in, we're down one chef here at Out Of The Culinary. Maggie is feeling under the weather (I.E. down right miserable) and really isn't in any shape to make her asian inspired chicken soup that was scheduled for today. In reality, she isn't in the mood for any fancy culinary confections - that's why, regrettably we will be canceling tonight's recipe. 

Maggie is in no shape to cook - and I'm not all that eager to eat anything she sneezed on (funny how that works isn't it?) So, tonight we're going to the old standby - chicken soup and warm cinnamon rolls. It's my hope that something warm and comforting will ease her suffering a little. 

As of now, Maggie's second recipe is still planned. However, if she doesn't improve we will have to cancel Wednesday's blog as well. (We did buy two cans of soup -just in case!) 

As a little diversion, we'll be posting a topic on our Facebook page today to get a little community discussion going. Be sure to check our Facebook page (Out Of The Culinary) and add to the discussion! 

That's all we have for today. Here's hoping that Maggie is feeling a little bit better tomorrow. She's pretty miserable today. We'll try to be back tomorrow, but that's all up to Maggie's sinuses and the battle that is currently being waged in her airways. 

Until tomorrow, 


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