Monday, December 6, 2010

Around The Culinary World

Good morning everyone! I know it's much earlier than usual, but welcome to Monday at Out Of The Culinary. When your work schedule goes to heck - I work six days this week, 45 hours. In fact, the hours for me over the next three weeks are: 45, 45, 47. Yeah.... - as I was saying, when your work schedule goes to heck, you have to make the best of what time you have. So, here we are.

Alas, there wasn't too many huge stories this past week in the culinary world. The Senate did get the ball rolling on some legislation that will make a big impact on food safety - but that's the only revolutionary story this week. However, we still managed to dig up a few interesting reads for everyone's inner foodie. Here's what's going on in the culinary world for December 6th, 2010.

As I mentioned, this past week the Senate approved a measure to drastically change the way food is inspected and processed in the United States AND from other countries importing foods into the US. In the past, foreign foods were not subject to the same USDA standards that US foods were. There are a lot of improvements to safety and regulation in this bill - check out the full details right HERE

Speaking of food safety - the Huffington Post has put together a list of the 9 most major food safety 'boo-boos' This should give you an idea why that legislation mentioned above is needed! Check it out HERE

Wine is one of the most confusing culinary companions for many at home chefs out there. What wines go with this dish? Why do some bottles have screw tops and not corks? How the heck do you store this wine? Or, 'Hey, why is there junk floating IN my wine!?' The answers to those questions and more are right HERE

With 2010 drawing to a close, the major news outlets are making a lot of 'best of 2010 lists' for just about everything. More pertinent to us, the cooking crowd, is the list of 2010's best cookbooks. Amazon has their list, so does the Washington Post and NPR. I figure if a book appears on every list, it must be a good one...looks like I've got some shopping to do!

There you have it, that's what's shaking and baking in the culinary world for December 6th, 2010. Maggie and I each have a recipe this week (with our hectic schedule, we can't really fit three full blown recipes in this week - we will be cooking, just not sharing one day! - Sorry!) Luckily for you, both of these recipes are fantastic culinary creations - we're both excited to share our dish this week. It should be a lot of fun. Be sure to stop in tomorrow to see Maggie take to the kitchen and Wednesday to see what I've got cooking. Until then,


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