Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Introducing The Out Of The Culinary Cookbook!

Good morning everyone! Today is the day of our big reveal! A few weeks ago, we teased that a big announcement was coming in regard to the blog. Tonight, we can finally reveal what that announcement is - we're published! (Okay, self published - but still published!) Tonight we proudly reveal what can only be described as a labor of love - The Out Of The Culinary Cookbook (2010's Best Recipes From The Blog).

This project started off as a Christmas present for both of our parents. I decided that a neat gift would be to take our best recipes and type them up into a collection - print them, bind them and give them out as a neat little book. I quickly discovered that typing up all of the recipes (again) and turning them into a book was going to be a lot more of a difficult process than I had first thought. So, I turned to a 'middleman' someone who would bind, print and distribute the book for me - leaving me with only the typing, layout and formatting to worry about. Enter - Blurb.com - a self publishing site - blurb allowed me to use their formatting tools and develop a comprehensive book - table of contents, back cover, front cover, page numbers, headers, footers - the whole works. When it was all said and done, I had poured over three weeks into this project. We ordered the first round of the books (one for each set of parents, one for ourselves) and waited anxiously.

When the books finally arrived a week later (not too bad a turnaround time considering how complex the whole process was to make the book!) I eagerly tore into the package. Needless to say - I was impressed. I was hoping for something presentable (that didn't have the obvious "I made it myself" appearance to it) what I ended up with was something downright professional. Our finished product looked like it just rolled off a big time publisher's press. It looked, felt and acted like a real, full blown cookbook. That's when it struck us - maybe this can BE a real, full blown cookbook.

And here it is - today, we're officially launching this cookbook on the world! We cherry picked the 28 best recipes that were shared on the blog during our inaugural 2010 season. They range from feature dishes like coq au vin, to side dishes such as green bean casserole and to desserts like pumpkin pie. Most of the recipes are accompanied by a full color photo of the finished dish. All the pages are printed on heavy duty paper, making the book fairly durable (and the pages 'splash' friendly - a plus for a cookbook!) We've included a preview of the book below - as well as a link to the book store directly. All checkouts are processed securely through paypal and (the best part) all profits of the book go back to the blog - blurb doesn't syphon off any of the book's profits. We each book ordered - blurb recoups the printing cost and the rest is left to fund further recipe creation by your two favorite amateur chefs.

We've also included a link on the right hand side of the blog - a handy little hot link to beam you right to the book's storefront. We could not be more excited about this product and hope you'll order one and enjoy the book as much as we do. A lot of hard work and long hours went into the making of this product - the end result turned out fantastically - we couldn't be any happier.

With the abundance of holiday leftovers - not to mention leftovers from last week's cooking - we're not cooking up any new dishes on the blog for today. However, we are back tomorrow night with a recipe revisit - a dish that we started off with waaaay back in the early days of the blog. It's sure to be a lot of fun (and as always - delicious) so be sure to stop back tomorrow night to see what we've got cooking. Until then,


(And be sure to buy the book!)

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