Monday, December 13, 2010

Around The Culinary World

Happy Monday everyone! If you reside in the greater midwest - maybe it's not such a happy Monday. Much of the midwest, including the greater Des Moines metro, was pounded by our first major snowstorm of the year over this past weekend. When the words 'blizzard waring' scroll across your television screen, it's never a good thing! As such, Maggie and I spent the weekend curled up inside only venturing out to scrape off our cars and take out the garbage. At -14 below windchill and 40 mph winds - you didn't really have any other options to try anything else.

With the weather being as horrid as it was, I was able to read a lot more stories and news feeds this past week, generating some more material for this week's around the culinary world. So, here's an (extra beefy) around the culinary world for December 13th, 2010.

Pop quiz - what's the fastest selling Non-Fiction book of all time? No matter how many guesses you take, I bet you'd wouldn't come up with this answer: THE FASTEST SELLING NON FICTION BOOK OF ALL TIME - as an aside congrats to my culinary hero on this impressive achievement! 

Do you have a foodie on your christmas list? Here's a few gift references for those chefs, food lovers or fine wine drinkers on your gift giving list. Idea List 1 List 2 

With the onset of a blustery and cold winter - fruit has become scarce and expensive right? Wrong. has a list of the most cost effective and abundant fruit for the winter season. Check out the list HERE

As you know if you're a regular reader of the blog - we're fans of the humble sweet potato. We've put in in soups, mashed it, casseroled it and turned it into fries. You'd think we've tapped out all of our options when it comes to one potato - you'd be wrong. HERE is a list of over 100 ways to cook and use a sweet potato. That should keep you busy with the spud for a long time! 

I've never been surprised about what people will find to use as a drug substitute. It seems like people everywhere are just grinding up, huffing, smoking or otherwise abusing everyday objects in hopes that something will give them a 'high'. The newest trend for everyday item abuse is a common spice in nearly every kitchen read about the way nutmeg is being abused HERE

The media seems to have a love/hate relationship with tuna. One minute it's great for you, the next, it's full of poison and should only be fed to your enemies* Well, a new report throws another check into the 'not great for you' column. It turns out that canned tuna may have higher mercury levels than originally thought. Check out the full details HERE

*That MIGHT be an over exaggeration

There isn't a specific story to share here, but I've been hearing all week about how the battle for better nutrition in our schools has turned into warfare between the Republicans and Democrats. The Dems want healthier food options in our schools - the Republicans, including tea party 'hero' Sarah Palin make ignorant comments like "Don't tell parents how we should raise our kids?" REALLY? I can't imagine people are that thick headed that they believe this is an inditement on how parents are raising their kids (Which by the way, there are some parents that think a large Wendy's burger and a Frosty are a 'balanced meal' for their kids everyday -but let's not dive into that debate today.) This has nothing to do with telling you how to raise your children Sarah, it has everything to do with providing young children a good meal. It's as simple as this - here are two meals that both meet the requirements for a healthy meal: 

Which would you rather have your kids eat? Exactly. It's just that simple. By changing the standards for school food - what they are allowed to use their federal spending for (frozen, breaded, heavily salted chicken is okay, fresh, locally raised, free range chicken- nope. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE) you can provide a better meal and a better, healthier lifestyle for children. Stop the stupid political fighting and make an informed decision for the better of the country for once. 

That's what's happening around the culinary world for December 13th, 2010. We've got a full week of recipes lined up for you in the coming days, starting with my turn in the kitchen tomorrow night. Be sure to stop by tomorrow evening to see what we've got cooking. Until tomorrow, 


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