Thursday, October 14, 2010

Granny's Packin' : Apple Week Recipe 3

Good evening everyone! It's Thursday (finally) this week seems to have gone as slow as it possibly could! Today marks the end of our apple week - we've tried two new and unique recipes, an interesting take on the classic waldorf salad and a slow cooked stuffed apple recipe that has me craving warm applesauce this evening.

Tonight, with our thrid and final apple recipe, I'm taking a little more liberty with our apple week theme - instead of a dish starring our feature fruit, I'm placing it where it is not usually found - on top of a burger. I've run across recipes like this multiple times on restaurant menus, and earlier this summer I actually tried a variation of the apple burger and found it delightful. Tonight, I set out to duplicate the recipe myself.

The Recipe: Brie Burger*

* Now, that's the original name that many restaurants dub the burger. I've decided a creative dish like this needs a creative name. As such, I'm calling this burger:

Granny's Packin'

(Get it? Granny smith apples - brie cheese is packed in tins...I thought it was funny anyway!)

Original Recipe Found In: Various restaurant menus

What You'll Need:

1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Pound Hamburger
12 Unsalted Saltines
1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
1 Egg
Black Pepper

Begin by coring the apple and using a mandoline to slice the apple into 1/4 inch slices. By using a mandoline rather than a knife, you ensure that the slices are still perfectly round, which (obviously) better suits the purpose of topping a burger.

Now, for the burger:

For this recipe, like any hamburger recipe we've done on the blog, we used Jaime Oliver's 'Crackin' Burger' recipe. Since we've detailed the process of making a crackin burger on many occasions on the blog - I wont go into the full ordeal. Instead, I've posted a 'step by step' photo process below. If you absolutely need the full details, refer back to our first run in with the crackin' burger.

Add the egg

Crushed crackers

Parsley, mustard, salt and pepper

Mix well

The mixture should yield for burgers

Simply cook the burger in whatever form you prefer (I like using our George Forman grill) and top with some slivers of brie cheese and a slice of the granny smith apple. Pour on a little homemade barbeque sauce (recipes for any form of these sauces can be found here or here) and enjoy!

The Results:

Since I've tried this recipe before - I knew that the flavor combination was a winner. It was nice, however, to successfully duplicate the recipe without having...the actual recipe. The brie, granny smith and barbeque combination all blended to create a flavorful and savory burger. It is certainly one of those recipes that sounds a little 'odd' at first read - but is absolutely worth a try.

That's all we have for you this week! Next week, we (finally) debut the big feature we've been planning for a solid month. More details on this will come on Monday. We're both really excited to try something completely new and challenging on the blog. Come Monday, we'll finally reveal just what that challenge is. Until then,


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