Monday, October 25, 2010

Recipes Revisited Week

Good evening everyone! It's Monday once again and, alas, we seem to be watching the last grips of a warm fall fade away. Today's gorgeous 70 degree temperatures are predicted to fade into 40 to 50 degree temps for the rest of the week. Mix in some rain and heavy wind and you have a true recipe for 'real' fall Iowa weather.

Sometimes, it helps to remember the good times - like a week ago when the temperature was in the mid 70's and rain was not even thought of. Remembering the good times of a warm fall - that's what we're doing with this week's recipes as well - remembering the good times.

As you may notice, at the end of some of our recipes we like to add notes about things we would change for the next time around. A little tweak there (less thyme) a big shift there (NO MUSHROOMS NEXT TIME!) or even manipulating a dish entirely (next time, add chicken). With over 100 recipes shared on the blog now, we've accumulated a nice pile of 'return recipes'. These are our recipes that worked so well we want to try them again. In some cases they are recipes that worked okay - but could have been better with a tweak or two. Or, they were recipes that worked wonderfully but we want to see what happens when we add ingredient X. Whatever the case may be, a solid 30 to 40 recipes have made their way to this list. This week, we thought we revisit a recipe (one each) and try our suggested 'tweak' and blog about the results.

While they wont be 'new' recipes, they will be totally new experiences. Rather than posting an ingredient list for these recipes this week, we're going to simply share what recipe we're each revisiting. For this week, Maggie is revisiting her herb omelet recipe from June's block of blogs. The original recipe can be found here. Maggie is scheduled to remake this dish Tuesday evening.

My recipe this week is one that I've played with many times on the blog (no, not breaded chicken - I have only had one successful foray with that recipe and I don't think I need to go mucking that up!) potato soup is (once again) my playground for this week's recipe. You can check out my original two recipes here and here. Instead of remaking either of those recipes, I'm going to be taking elements of each and creating an original recipe. I will be tackling my dish on Wednesday night.

And that's what we're going to be cooking this week. This is my final week of a crazy work schedule - so the blog should be returning to its normal 'three recipes a week' status in the following week. We're both eager to take a second (or in my case third) shot at a successful - but not successful enough recipe. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading as the two amateur chefs flex a little culinary creativity. As we mentioned, Maggie gets us started tomorrow night, so be sure to stop back tomorrow evening to see how round two with the herb omelet goes. Until then,


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