Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Around The Culinary World (Part II)

Good morning everyone. We're up early today to allow for extra time to commute into work today. Our region of the world got about 5 inches of snow last night, greatly clogging the roadways and slowing things down to a crawl. Today, we're supposed to develop 30 MPH winds - that should cause the snow to begin blowing into a massive cloud of swirling wintery doom. That makes for a nice commute!

Since I don't have to be to work until a little later, I thought I'd post a few updates this morning - since we won't be cooking tonight. (Grocery night was delayed until tonight - due to horrid road conditions yesterday).

This morning, I stumbled across a story that seems like it will be heading to the big screen as a major motion picture in 2 to 3 years. Apparently there is a crime syndicate that has been smuggling and laundering honey through different foreign ports for a few years now. International investigators are now just cracking down on a crime ring that is importing honey (mostly from China) and working the papers through many hands until the country of origin is lost. China has lower standards for honey production - they allow a chemical that protects the bees (but seeps into the honey) that American farmers are not allowed to use. Then, they substitute the flavor lost due to this chemical with corn syrup and other artificial flavorings (in other words - completely sabotage the health benefits of honey). The worst part? None of this shows up as 'Made in China' on a label (due to the laundering) and the USDA has just now caught on to the product.

This has a bigger impact than just the golden goo that comes in squeezable bears. Honey has become a major player in the world health market - it is being used in medicines, as an additive in other foods (like breakfast cereal) and in many healthy market products as a sweetener (because it was SUPPOSED to be a natural sweetener). All in all, investigators say this is the largest case of food fraud in US history.

Pictured: The 2nd largest case of food fraud in US history

This is a very interesting story that is certainly worth a read. (Hey, it's snowing and nasty outside anyway - what else are you going to do? Work?) Check out the full story HERE

(Just goes to show, stick to the honey from farmer's markets and local grocery stores that say Made in the USA - it's just safer that way!)

On snowy days like today, a good cookbook makes a great companion. Don't have a good, reliable cookbook you say? Well, we can remedy that!

The Out Of The Culinary Cookbook features the best recipes, as prepared by your favorite amateur chefs. At only $25 - this nifty little book features all the best recipes that we created in 2010 on the blog. Do yourself a favor and give the gift of great cooking - and help fund your amateur chef entertainers who put so much hard work into the finished product. We're really proud of the book - and think you'll be impressed once you get your hands on your own copy.

Follow the link at the bottom of the preview above - or click the link on the right hand side of the blog to get your very own copy today!

That's all we have for you today. Here's hoping everyone had a safe commute into work - and will find just as safe of a commute coming home. We're back tomorrow with a brand new recipe (an original creation from myself!) so be sure to stop in tomorrow evening to see what I've got cooking. Until then,


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