Monday, January 10, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Good evening everyone! As we found ourselves faced squarely with another Monday - most of us made the slow, reluctant trudge back into the working world. If you're in the greater Des Moines, that trudge into work was accompanied by a road full of snow and slush. A Monday and a snowstorm? Double whammy.

One nice distraction from work and the horrid winter weather out the window is to turn on the computer and read up on the comings and goings in the world. With this being a cooking blog - we're obviously a little more interested in the culinary comings and goings of the world. This past week was a busy one in regards to culinary news - so let's jump right into this week's Around The Culinary World.

The BBC is launching a new series that is sure to draw the ire of PETA and everyone with a squeamish stomach. 'Kill It, Cook It, Eat It' is a new show debuting this month on BBC (in America on January 11th)  in which viewers get to see the process of cooking a meal - all the way back to square one. According to the show description, viewers get to tackle tough issues in a tasteful manner. While I'm all for people knowing where their food comes from - I'm not sure episodes where viewers get to see cows being raised and then watch them be slaughtered 'up close and uncensored' and turned into burgers is really a necessary step in television programming. Read all about this disturbing show concept HERE

We all know that small children can become unruly and difficult on occasion. It seems like kids today are a lot worse - simply because some parents are so absentee and 'occupied' they forget to parent. Wild children and difficult kids are probably even more common in a daycare situation  - that being said I'm not sure this particular daycare's solution was warranted. I've seen some horrible children, and while this punishment may have been something I would have imagined doing to the little monsters, in no way would I ever actually DO IT. What exactly did these daycare providers do (and how does it relate to food?) Read for yourself HERE

Every once in a while the powers that be in the corporate world roll out a new product that makes the rest of us go 'huh?' The Huffington Post has a rather humorous collection of culinary items in squeeze bottles that...don't really need to be in squeeze bottles. (Here's a preview - bacon makes its way on to the list). Read the full list of squeezeables that don't need to be squeezeable HERE

Quick: name the most competitive culinary market in the United States. Did you say beef? The corn or soybean markets? Nope. It's actually the dairy market. It's a system that sees fluctuations in market price, but no such fluctuation in production costs. Some farmers are forced to sell their milk for half of what it costs to produce. The over saturation of the market is forcing the dairy producers of America to try another approach - read the full story about the (possible) realignment of dairy producers HERE

Is one of your new year's resolutions to eat healthier or lose weight? Does your current work lunch situation make it hard for you to eat well or have the time to eat right? Is fast food your only menu option for lunch? If worse comes to worse and you are forced into McDonalds, Wendy's or another fast food provider for lunch on a daily basis - you can still try to eat healthy. (We here at Out Of The Culinary would still encourage you to bring your own lunch - this is only a 'worse case scenario' not an excuse to eat out everyday!) The Daily Beat has put together a list of the 20 most healthy fast food menu items. Check out the full list right HERE

Shockingly - the Baconater did not make the list
There you have it. That's what's new and exciting Around The Culinary World for January 10th, 2011. We HAD a full week lined up for you on the blog. However, the snowstorm has made travel impossible and has delayed our grocery night into tomorrow night. As such, I'm canceling one of my recipes this week and we will be cooking only Wednesday and Thursday. Even shortened, it should be a lot of fun (and, as always, delicious) Be sure to check back Wednesday night to see what I've got cooking. Until then, (We might do a Around The Culinary World II to fill in for Tuesday - wait and see on that one).


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