Monday, February 14, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Good evening everyone! It's Monday once again, but somehow it's more tolerable than a typical Monday. Maybe that has to do with the 50 degree temperatures and the full 'it's almost spring' feeling that is in the air. As the thick icy grasp of winter begins to melt away, it's easier to feel a little more chipper - even when it's a Monday.

The last few weeks have been a bit slow in regards to culinary news. Small stories, neat little tidbits - and interesting (sometimes odd) tales have been the norm. I'm happy to say that this week...isn't any different. While it is a slow news week, the stories we do have for you are intriguing little glimpses into the culinary world. Here's the best stories from the culinary world this week.

The biggest culinary story of the week centered around the new studies linking diet sodas to increased stroke risk. The study found that a person drinking diet sodas everyday was at a greater risk for a stroke than a person who didn't drink any soda. The study has found that it was specifically diet soda (not any soda) that caused this increased risk. The study doesn't have an answer to what ingredient can be blamed for this risk. The study's scientists recommend that you drink water instead - a safer alternative to diet soda, they claim. I'd like to counter that drinking any form of soda everyday is going to put you at an increased risk for anything health related. The high sugar and empty calories have long been known to be bad for you and a everyday soda drinker is much more likely to be in slightly worse health than a non soda drinker.  That doesn't discount the fact that an increase of strokes in diet soda drinkers is a scary prospect - I just don't find the study as 'terrifying' as the news outlets want to make it out to be. Soda is bad for you - that shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone. Check out the full story HERE.

In a (slightly) related story - there is drama surrounding the new look of Diet Pepsi cans. The company unveiled the new look cans last week to a lot of critical outcry. The cans feature a taller, slimmer look that the company claims make it more desirable and trendy. "Our slim, attractive can is the perfect compliment to today's stylish looks" Pepsico said in a statement regarding the new look. The negative press began to pour in immediately. Not to regarding the actual style - oh no - that received praise, but regarding the fact that Pepsico was clearly pushing the 'skinnier is better' line to consumers. Once again, I find this to be a non controversy that news outlets are drumming up for a story - are people really outraged that Pepsico is making a skinny can? Are they taking in to consideration the fact that the reason there is even a Diet Pepsi is because consumers are thinking slim when they drink the product? Pepsico is reinventing their can to look more trendy and stylish with today's general public (E.G. the women of the world) - let's leave it at that and not make everything a major controversy. Read the full story (and both sides of the argument) HERE.

Above: Controversy! (And maybe a killer?) 

My fellow Americans, it's time to celebrate! The United States is no longer the fattest country in the world! This is obviously a sign that Americans are moving to healthier lifestyles, cutting out fast food and exercising more right? What it is a sign of, however, is other countries sudden surge in weight gain. Yes, the U.S. isn't eating healthier - other countries are simply eating worse, at a faster rate, than we are. The new 'fattest country in the world' title holder? You wouldn't guess it if I gave you 10 tries. Check out the story HERE.


I don't think this particular ingredient is on the menu... Check out the surprising addition one woman got when she ordered a salad at McDonalds. There's not much more to add to the story than that. I'm not sure if I'd be happier to find out that the woman is lying, or that she is telling the truth. If she's lying - it's a sad reflection on our society and people's willingness to lie and deceive in order to gain financially - if she's telling the truth it's a shocking look into just how low our food service standards are these days. Lose, lose situation if you ask me.

Finally this week, has a list of uses for a common citrus. The lemon. These go beyond zesting up a recipe or adding a nice tang to cakes and bread - the lemon is a secret kitchen force that has the ability to clean a cutting board, fight bad breath and keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer. Check out the full list of useful lemon tips HERE. (This article is primed for a 'Culinary Mythbuster' story - we've delayed our first foray of the planned feature until after Maggie's surgery, but we're still seeking ideas to test, try or demonstrate when it comes to culinary tips and tricks. Stay tuned for our first feature - regarding onions, in a few weeks. If you have any ideas or myths that you'd like to see us test (like the lemon article for example!) send them in to

That's the culinary news for Monday, February 14th 2011. We've got a short week of cooking lined up - one recipe apiece. Maggie is taking to the kitchen on Tuesday, and I'll close out the surgery shortened week on Wednesday. Stop back in tomorrow evening to see what Maggie's got cooking. Until then,


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