Monday, February 21, 2011

An Update

Good evening everyone! Tonight's blog is going to serve one purpose - to update everyone on Maggie's recovery and her progress back to normal, everyday function. While we won't go into the full details of the last week (trust me, there are some things you don't want to know...) - we can safety say it's been an eventful week, and I think it would have been more relaxing to actually have been at work, rather than at home!

Maggie is recovering nicely. She's had a lot of pain over the first few days but is now completely off the pain pills and down to a moderate 'ache'. We've had run ins with nausea and some cookie-tossing - but that seems to be behind us now.

Long story short, Maggie is the proud owner of 4 new holes in her tummy, one less internal organ and a whole lot of aches and pains. In the long haul, she should be able to return to the foods and flavors she so loves, in the short term, the menu is potatoes, mac & cheese and oatmeal.

As far as the blog goes - we're working on another shortened week. I'm planning on two recipes this week, but that all could change. Tomorrow night, I've found a potato recipe (with French inspiration) that fits right into our new short term diet ('safe foods') and will have a full blog (along with the cooking science behind the recipe) up tomorrow night. From there, the week becomes a big question mark. If everything progresses as planned, I'll have another recipe on Wednesday and that will be the week.

We won't be doing an 'Around The Culinary World' this week for two reasons. 1. I've been a little too busy taking care of miss Maggie to peruse the world of culinary news - and 2. After a quick look this morning, I've found nothing of interest to share with you anyway! A slow news week and a busy past few days have killed off our Monday feature for the week.

So there you have it folks, Maggie's alive and recovering. Slowly but surely she's on the mend. She'll be back and blogging before you know it. I'll have a recipe to share tomorrow night, and pending other circumstances (I.E. how exhausted I am as the week progresses) we could have an additional recipe to share on Wednesday.

As always, we'll try to keep you informed of everything that is going on - Stop back in tomorrow night for our return to cooking - it's a simple dish (less than five ingredients) but I'm eager to give it a go. Until then,


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