Monday, March 26, 2012

Around The Culinary World

Hello again everyone! It’s hard to believe, but we’re not even a week into the start of the spring season. Why is it so hard to believe? Well, we’ve been experiencing spring like temperatures and weather for what feels like 2 to 3 weeks now. Spring usually signifies spring cleaning. Some people clean their homes, others work on cleaning cars and patio furniture. While you’re busy cleaning things up for spring, why not focus on spring cleaning your diet and health too? This week’s stories focus on cleaning up your diet and giving your cooking habits a tune up. We’ve got a few other stories to sprinkle in too (the word ‘Tacocopter’ is used…it’ll be fun!) Let’s dive in!

Bleary eyed and staggering outdoors into the sunlight, you let out a long yawn and absently mindedly scratch your hind quarters. Disheveled, weary and somewhat discombobulated, you take stock of your surroundings. Obviously, I’m describing those first few moments you experience as you step outdoors into the spring air after a long cold winter. (Don’t pretend that doesn’t describe you… we all know better.) Yes, spring has arrived and there’s no better excuse to clean up your diet and maybe shake away some of that excess winter weight. has put together a list of 4 foods that you can ditch from your diet to begin the great dietary spring clean. While some may be harder than others (Much as I might want to, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to 100% ditch sugar…it’s too darn GOOD. We’re shooting for moderation on that one!) Check out their list of foods to boot HERE.

Spring clean your diet

If you’re starting a dietary spring clean, you’ll likely start to focus on buying fresh groceries and searching out foods that are packed full of nutrients and other good things for your body. As such, you’re likely to find yourself discounting some food groups because (from a nutritional standpoint) they’re often deemed as ‘worthless’. Don’t be so quick to judge – there are some (seemingly) worthless foods that actually pack a nutritional punch. (once again) has a great list of 6 ‘worthless’ foods that are anything but. Check out the list HERE.

Continuing the theme of cleaning up your health (culinary wise) for spring, (they’re on a roll this week) has a set of tips for fixing your cooking abilities. If you’re going to take stock on what you’re eating and clean that up, you might as well try to fix some cooking bad habits as well, right? While some of the tips are no-brainers (don’t use metal utensils on a nonstick pan…DUH) and others are questionable (the debate between bringing oil to a smoke and not seems to have equal, valid arguments for both sides) there are some useful reminders in this list. Check out all 10 tips HERE.

File this one under “I wish I would have thought of this myself.” A new startup is changing the world of fast food and food delivery. You thought food trucks were the future? Guess again. Subs on scooters? Nope. Try “Tacocopter”. Yes, tacocopter. The concept is simple. Order a taco via your smartphone and an aerial drone picks up the taco, flies to your location and delivers it. This is the future folks, tacos via helicopter. Check out more on this culinary innovation HERE.

TDA (Taco delivery apparatus)

Last week, Starbucks made a few large announcements regarding their business plan and their products for their future. In addition to the announcement of a new JUICE BAR, they also announced the launch of a new energy drink line. As Maggie so astutely put it “They already sell energy drinks…it’s called coffee”. Read more about the energy drink line HERE.

Calorie: “A unit of energy given by food” That is the official definition of calorie. Again, let’s stress “A unit of ENERGY given by food”. Calories are energy. Are well on board with this concept? Calorie = energy. Now that we’re in agreement, you’ll see why this announcement by Red Bull strikes me as ironic / oxymoronic all at the same time. Red Bull announced last week that they are releasing a zero calorie energy drink. Let that settle in. Zero calorie…energy drink. So, using our equation from a few sentences ago (calories equal energy) Red Bull fundamentally announced a zero energy energy drink. These are the things that entertain me folks…

On that note, that’s all the news that’s fit to blog about this week. We’ve got two new recipes lined up for you this week, including an old favorite that is being cooked ‘the right way’ (we’re excited for that one) and a completely new flavor combination that you wouldn’t expect to work. Maggie starts the week off for us on Tuesday and I’ll follow her on Wednesday. Tune in Tuesday to see what Maggie has cooking. Until then,


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