Monday, November 26, 2012

Perhaps We Were A Bit Overzealous

Hello again everyone! After a long and sometimes stressfull process, Maggie and I have now moved into our brand new home. It's been an exciting process and a whole lot of work - but it's one of life's great moments and I'm proud to have shared it with my loving wife.

We were originally intending to be up and running today and returning to cooking meals this week.

Perhaps...we got a bit ahead of ourselves.

While our kitchen is completely unpacked, there is still much to do as far as unpacking and moving in goes. So, the new plan is for us to return to cooking our own meals NEXT week. (December 3rd). We won't leave you high and dry on content. We're going to post a few recipe revisits (suitable for the winter) and we'll post a old kitchen / new kitchen comparisson too.

In short, yes - we're still alive. Yes, the blog is still active and yes, we will be cooking again soon. Just not as soon as we originally thought. Thanks for your understanding!


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