Friday, November 9, 2012

Scheduling Announcements

Hello everyone! We wanted to take a moment to announce a slight change to our schedule for the coming weeks. Starting today through November 26th, we're not going to be cooking any new recipes.

You see, it's going to be hard to cook anything when all of your cookware is packed away.

That's right! We're moving!! After living in an apartment for 3 years and cooking out of what is essentially a glorified closet, Maggie and I have purchased a home and will be moving during the week of Thanksgiving.

This does mean that we'll have to shut down the blog for a brief period of time as we switch over to our new home. Don't worry - we're not going silent during this timespan! With the culinary "4th of July" (Thanksgiving) coming up, we're going to be sharing our best turkey day dishes. Over the past two years we've cooked up a variety of side dishes and other fall themed treats and we're going to use these two weeks of downtime to share them once again.

As always, stay tuned to our Twitter feed or Facebook page to keep up to date on our new posts. We'll be back to cooking brand new dishes on the week of 11/26.

We'll likely start the week out with a "tour" of our new cooking digs and give everyone an idea of the change we're making in cooking space (hint: it's huge). Stay tuned next week for some revisits of old holiday favorites. Until then,


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