Monday, October 17, 2011

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Good evening everyone! Welcome back to a brand new week of culinary adventure here at Out Of The Culinary! It’s official folks, after a faux ‘return of summer’ to the greater United States, we are now in the fall season. This morning we awoke to a cool 42 degrees and light rain in the great Des Moines metro – the forecast for the week looks very similar to today. The summer has ended and fall is upon us which means fall cooking and fall themed dishes! (Cue up ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’)

This week, I’ll be fully embracing that fall theme with a very unique dish. It utilizes one of my favorite fall classics but gives it a good twist to create something I’ve never seen before. Maggie’s dish this week is also all about the cooler weather. That will come later in the week – but first, we have to cover all the news that’s fit to blog about in the culinary world. Let’s dive in!

October 24th will mark the first Food Day. Food day, for those who are not familiar, aims to bring Americans from all walks of life together to discuss healthy eating and responsible and sustainable food production. The movement is backed by an advisory board of physicians, politicians, authors and other advocates. You can read more about Food Day (including how you can get involved) HERE.

Ahead of Food Day, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has released a ‘Terrible Ten’ list. This list is composed of the 10 worst food products currently in the American food scene. The group aims to facilitate discussion about healthy eating and sustainable (responsible) farming by highlighting the foods and producers who are doing much more harm than good in the food world. See the group’s “Terrible Ten” list HERE.

It should no longer come as a surprise – but food companies are not honestly marketing their products. The culprit this week is cereal. While we’ve talked about the false advertising in children’s cereal in the past, today we’re focusing on ‘Natural’ cereals. The Cornucopia Institute recently released a report that states ‘natural’ cereals are vastly overstated in how natural they really are. Read about the biggest violators and see the full report HERE.

Sustainable farming – yes, we’ve talked about this topic a LOT over the past few months. It’s important, it’s better for the environment and it may be one of the many ways the human race will have to adapt to feed its ever growing populous. We’ve covered the how’s and why’s of sustainable farming before, so I won’t bore everyone with another soapbox rant on the topic – I will suggest you search sustainable farming and production if you are unfamiliar with the topic, however. This week, our sustainable farming focus turns to Target. The big box retailer announced last week that they aim to sell only 100% sustainable farmed fish by 2015. This is a huge announcement in the sustainable farming movement and Target should be applauded for making such a move. All it takes is one or two big companies to start a movement. Target is one of the biggest companies so far to get this ball rolling. Read more about this announcement HERE.

Groceries are expensive; there is simply no way around that. If you decide that you want to eat healthy and buy organic you’ll likely see your grocery bill rise as a result. So, how can you eat healthy and still be able to afford all of your other expenses? has a six tip article that claims it can save you up to $2,997 a year. While your results may vary (obviously) it’s worth looking at to pick up a few tips. Check out the story HERE.

That's all we have for you this week. We've got another full week lined up for you when it comes to recipes, this week we're foucsed on fall cooking. Maggie will take to the kitchen on Tuesday night and I'll finish out our week on Wednesday. Be sure to stop in Tuesday night to see what Maggie has cooking. Until then,


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