Friday, December 30, 2011

For A limited Time Only!

We're happy to announced that our cookbook: The Out Of The Culinary Cookbook - 2010's Best Recipes From The Blog, is now on sale for a limited time from Blurb. You can jump right to our bookstore by clicking: HERE

For the low cost of $24.95, you receive a great, softcover cookbook chocked full of of the best recipes from our first year of cooking. It's a large cookbook, with full color photos, glossy pages and great detail. We put a lot of hours into making these recipes, and we made sure to put an equal amount of effort into putting out a high quality cookbook.

We're kicking around the idea of making a 2011 edition of our cookbook - but we haven't decided what to do exactly yet. If you want to see a new edition of a high quality cookbook, support our cause and purchase the 2010 edition today! This price is only good for a limited time, (currently $5 off) so be sure to buy your copy today!

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