Monday, March 14, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Good evening everyone! Welcome to a brand new week of blogging and recipes here at Out Of The Culinary. Hopefully everyone is recovering from the lost hour of sleep due to daylight savings time. Despite the loss of sleep - it's always nice to know that spring is almost here. It's hard to believe that March is already 1/2 way complete! Time seems to be flying by lately - as long as it's flying towards summer and AWAY from winter it's a good thing.

Note quite flower time yet...but we're getting closer! 

We're continuing an unfortunate trend for the Around The Culinary World feature - slow news weeks. This week we've got a collection of odd or slightly 'off kilter' stories - nothing ground breaking, earth shattering or overly informative - but entertaining none the less! Let's get started with the most 'newsworthy' story of last week:

According to new research, recycled cardboard may not be the best material to package food. In a few studies, researchers have found that food packaged in recycled cardboard has a higher level of mineral oils, a byproduct of the ink in recycled newspapers, within the food. Mineral oils have been linked to causing the inflammation of internal organs (NEVER a good thing) and cancer. It's an interesting develop in a relatively new industry and one that they will hopefully find a way to fix. Read more about this study via the BBC Health site - HERE.

Let's face it - no matter how you cut it, burgers simply are not great for you. Fast food burgers are loaded with fats and salts and usually come accompanied with large, sugary sodas and salted, deep fat fried fries. Even if you make the burgers at home, you're still taking in a lot of lower quality red beef (not great for your heart). That being said, a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can't indulge every once in a while. If you're looking to have a small 'cheat meal' and are craving a burger - here's a list of the the best fast food burgers in the US.

I'm sure this menu item won't make anyone's 'diet plan' or even be mentioned in the same sentence as the word 'healthy'. IHOP (International House of Pancakes for those who are bad with acronyms) has debuted a new menu item that is simply a head scratcher for me. I suppose this dish is a regional thing - but I'm just not seeing how this can taste all. What do you think readers? Is THIS NEW MENU ITEM something you would ever try?

Finally this week (I told you it was a slow news week) - we've come across an interesting video showing you how to make your own maple syrup (at the very least, it will show you how OTHER PEOPLE make your maple syrup!) There's not much more to discuss in regards to the video - it's just an interesting watch. Check it out HERE.

There you have it folks - all the news that's fit to blog about, wrapped up in one nice little weekly summary. (Hopefully things turn around next week and we will actually have some stories to break down and discuss) We're planning on two recipes this week. I will be debuting a new fish dish (that rhymed!) on Tuesday and Maggie will be taking things over on Wednesday. A odd scheduling week due to work has created an odd scheduling week on the blog. It will be a shorter week - but no less fun to read or (on our end) eat! Be sure to stop back tomorrow night to see which sea creature I'm trying out next (it's one I've NEVER eaten before in my lifetime). Until then,


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