Sunday, April 17, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Hello there everyone! It's (almost) Monday once again (boo) which means a sorrowful trot back into the working world. As always, we here at Out Of The Culinary are bound and determined to find a little beam of light in the darkness that is Monday mornings (or Sunday evening if you're reading this early) by providing a little culinary entertainment. So, wether you're reading this at your desk (we won't tell) or if you're home from work having survived another Monday, welcome to this week's edition of Around The Culinary World:

Have you seen the Olive Garden TV commercials that claim they send their 'top chefs' to a culinary school in Tuscany every year where they learn the greatest culinary secrets from Italian chefs? They even have their own YouTube channel where they show little 20 second clips of their chefs tasting wine, learning buy fresh ingredients at a Tuscany market - the whole nine yards.  Here's one of the videos:

Now, if you're the optimist, you're thinking 'wow - how cool is it that Olive Garden really tries to make their cooking authentic!?' If you're more of the pessimistic tilt - the thought is probably more like 'how full of crap are these marketers?' In this case, it turns out that the pessimist is right. Oh - Olive Garden does send people to Tuscany every's just not as 'culinary institute' -ish as they want you to believe. Read the full story HERE.

It turns out beef is bad for you - no matter how you slice it (no pun intended). We touched on the fact that the FDA is reactive to beef safety last week - we've discussed how the standards of raising beef and chicken are resulting in some terrifyingly bad chemicals being in your food. Now, we have another thing to add to the list. Beef is full of bacteria. Not just any bacteria - SUPER bacteria. Read the full (frightening) story HERE.

Above: Super bacteria - they mean business 

With spring here and summer right around the corner, it's officially grilling season. (A perfect time to grill up some of that bacteria laden meat!) One of the hardest parts of grill season has to be the 'bun purchase' in the grocery store. There are literally dozens of bun selections at any and every grocery store. They all claim to be the best  - but most are subpar or simply 'meh'. Which buns are the worthy of your purchase? Check out this head to head competition from AHT (A hamburger today) where they crown a winner.

There were so many choices, this guy just gave up! 

Burger King launched a new 'kill you in one bite' burger this past week. Similar to the KFC Double Down (A chicken sandwich that is composed of only chicken and what appears to be pure, liquified heart attack) the new BK sandwich packs the same 'liquid death' look. The 'burger' which tops off at 1,160 calories made its debut in (of all places) Japan. Check out the culinary monster HERE. No word on when this will invade other countries yet. We'll keep you posted.

According to a new study, there is a difference in Organic food's taste versus non organic food. Or is there? It turns out that the flavor boost that most people think accompanies organic food might all be in your head and it's not entirely your fault. Read the full details HERE.

Apparently, in America's restaurants, the alcohol is kept very, very close to the children's beverages. What other excuse is there for THIS story happening. The worst part is that this story is a second occurrence. Later in the week another story surfaced about an Olive Garden (boy, we're full of bad press for them this week aren't we?) accidentally served up the wrong beverage to a toddler. Check out that story HERE. I realize accidents happen, but these types of accidents should not happen. EVER - let alone twice in a week.

Um, excuse me...I ordered the apple juice!? 

That's all the news that is fit to blog about this week. We've got another week of recipes lined up for you. Maggie will be taking to the kitchen on Tuesday to get us started, and I'll be closing out the week on Thursday with another new recipe. Two new recipes, two more entertaining nights of cooking! (Hopefully) be sure to stop back in tomorrow night to see what Maggie has cooking. Until then,


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