Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recipe Quick Hit: Strawberry Shortcake Smoothies

Good evening everyone. As promised, we've got a quick hit recipe for your reading pleasure this evening. This simple little smoothie is not only delicious, but with the only sugar coming from the pound cake, it actually leans towards the healthier side of eating as well. Here's how you can make your own delicious smoothie:

What You'll Need:

(Makes 1 smoothie)

3/4 Cup Milk
3/4 Ice
1/2 Cup Pound Cake (Or Angel Food Cake)
1/2 Cup Sliced Strawberries

Combine everything into a blender and pulse until the mixture is smooth. Top with whipped cream if you so desire. We like to add an extra helping of strawberries to really boost the flavor.  That's all there is folks! Simple and delicious. Stop in tomorrow night to see what Maggie has got cooking. Until then,


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