Sunday, April 24, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Good evening everyone and happy (end of) Easter! If you don't celebrate, then happy Sunday night! As always, we like to get the new week of blogging started off with a little trip around the culinary world in search of the most interesting news stories regarding cooking and culinary delights. Sometimes, we're blessed with a grand assortment of topics to break down, analyze and speculate about. Other times, we're left with...well, not too much to discuss. Sadly, this week falls into the latter category. We've still got a few stories to share though - so without further ado, here is this week's (brief) Around The Culinary World:

We dove into the lawsuit between Taco Bell and their critics about a month ago. If you don't recall, the argument boiled down to this: a law firm levied a suit against Taco Bell, claiming that their beef didn't meet the minimum requirements to be defined as 'beef'. Their claim was that Taco Bell only used 35% beef and filled the rest with fillers and other additives. (If you'll recall, federal guidelines say that beef has to be at least 40% beef to be advertised as...well...beef. This was the part of the story that shocked us the most the first time around!) Taco Bell fought back - HARD. They took out full pages ads, they ran commercials. They screamed from the rooftops that they were telling the truth. We said at the time that Taco Bell better be telling the truth, otherwise there would be no recovering from the negative press. It turns out - they were telling the truth. The law firm withdrew the suit last week. No money changed hands, no agreements were reached. Clearly, the law firm found they had little ground to stand on and retreated with their tail between their legs. This week, Taco Bell took out the following full page ad:

Well - they have a point! Well done by Taco Bell in all of this - their marketing and communication with the public has been impressive. I smell a countersuit for defamation coming for one particular law firm... 

Burrito purveyor Chipotle happens to be one of Maggie and my favorite places to eat. Fresh ingredients, simple premise, all in all a very good dinner destination. Sadly, they've had some issues with hiring not-so-legal citizens lately. Those issues are still popping up and now the federal government is getting involved. Read the full story HERE.

If you're like Maggie, your seasonal allergies are currently kicking your bum. Did you know that what you're eating can help alleviate the symptoms? (Notice, alleviate, not cure - you can't suddenly eat a mango and be cured forever of allergies and dry much as we wish that were the case.) Check out the full story HERE to see if a diet change could help you suffer and sneeze a whole lot less.

And yes, that is all we have for stories worth blogging about this week. (Most of our favorite sites were full of Easter recipes and that doesn't really do a whole lot of good for a Sunday evening / Monday morning feature) We're running our usual schedule this week. Maggie is taking Tuesday and I'll be cooking Thursday. Stop back in Tuesday night to see what Maggie has cooking. Until then,


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