Monday, August 22, 2011

Around The Culinary World

Good evening everyone! We're back to our regularly scheduled blogging for this week - and boy oh boy has the culinary world delivered. We're packed to the brim with new and interesting stories for this week's feature. So, in a world where Libya is in turmoil, our economy is circling the drain and US politicians are proving themselves even more dense than we first thought... let's distract ourselves with stories about food & cooking!

It's tough to be a fan of alcohol in Utah (apparently). The state is well known for its tight restrictions on restaurants and other vendors and it's trying to add to its no nonsense booze stance by banning mini-kegs. Of course, the consumer (and manufacturers) are one step ahead of the state's new law that bans 5.0 liter kegs. Recently introduced into the market? 4.99 liter kegs! Read the story HERE.

Fare thee well, tiny keg

In a move that is LONG overdue - Burger King announced this weekend that it was firing their 'King'. The large headed plastic harbinger of fear mascot will no longer appear in television commercials or print ads. Frankly, this campaign was stale before it started. The ads came across as creepy and not at all funny. The new campaign is supposed to feature fresh ingredients and play up avocados as a new healthy menu item. Huh - I guess originality isn't that important to BK then? Read about the firing of the 'King' HERE

Did you know you're not supposed to use ketchup on your hot dog? No seriously - there is a council (The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council) Yes, it's real - that has codified the rule in their 'Hot Dog Etiquette and Everyday Guidance For Eating America's Sacred Food' Yeah - apparently this is a big deal to some people. In fact, this debate has gone all the way to court - Oscar Meyer recently found themselves defending their 'America's Favorite Hotdog' claim and when the issue of adding ketchup to the dog was raised the judge alluded to this very paper!  This is a fairly complicated (yet oh so unintentionally humorous) story. President Obama even weighs in - Read all about the great hot do debate HERE

Here's a great example of how a company can use their social networks to reach out to customers and fix their mistakes. Chipotle almost fell into a PR disaster last week when it was revealed that their pinto beans were being cooked in bacon grease. What's the big deal you ask? Well, if you're a vegan - that undisclosed bacon grease causes to break your vegan ways. When one customer noticed this disclosure in the fine print they called Chipotle on it via Twitter. Instead of feeding the guy a PR line and simply hoping this issue would go away, Chipotle stepped up to the plate. They fixed their menu to disclose this issue and Chipotle's CEO directly contacted the customer in question to discuss the issue and inform him of the fixes they were putting in place. Round of applause for Chipotle for not only fixing their mistake but making use of social media as a way to improve their customer service. Well done! (Read the full story HERE). 

On the opposite end of social media PR is the Houston based bar Down House. A patron of this bar issued a tweet (let's just say it wasn't the nicest tweet) in regards to the bartender and her opinion about him. The manager of Down House saw this tweet and proceeded to call the bar and (allegedly) yell at the customer over the phone before throwing her out. Now - is the customer in question deserving of some of this fire? Yes, I think you have to be careful about what you say about people, especially in today's social media heavy world. However, the manager of Down House has to realize that even if the customer is 100% deserving of begin thrown out - there are better ways to handle the situation than completely blowing up and tossing the patron out of the bar. In the end, both sides look bad and nobody really 'wins' this dispute. All anyway can take away from this is that social media can be your best friend or a complete nightmare - it's all in how you manage it. 

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Buzzfeed has composed a list of 25 foods that you'll never be able to eat again (not in a - now that you know about X, you'll never want to eat X again way. It refers to foods that are no longer made). How many foods on this list did you used to enjoy? I have quite a few that I remember as a kid. I think I might be the only person that actually liked Pepsi Blue... See the slideshow HERE

How do children convince their parents to buy them junk food - one scientist has a theory and it's called the "Nag Factor" Read about the study (and why children feel the need to feed their faces with this junk) HERE


There you have it folks! All the news that's fit to blog about for this week. We're back to a regular schedule for the rest of the week with two new recipes on Tuesday and Thursday night. Be sure to stop in Tuesday night to see what we've got cooking. Until then, 


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