Monday, August 1, 2011

Around The Culinary World: Recipe Edition

Good evening everyone! It's the dawn of a new week,which typically means a recap of all of the news that's fit to blog about in the culinary world - however, this week we're doing things a little bit differently. In the greater midwest, we are now into full blown sweet corn season. It's nearly impossible to find any 'bad' ears of sweet corn at your local grocery store, corner stand or roadside truck. As such, many midwesterners are grabbing up the summer time delight and gobbling it down in mass quantities. (Maggie and I are no exception to this rule)

You're not limited to simply boiling or grilling sweet corn, however, there are a whole world of recipes out there for you to try, taste and enjoy. We thought this week, we'd compose a list of sweet corn recipes - just to give our readers some ideas to 'change up' the summertime staple. Give a few of them a try and you'll be surprise at how diverse the midwestern trademark really is.

Mexican Grilled Corn

Topped with mayonnaise, chili powder and cojita cheese, this grilled up dish is a staple of Mexican street vendors. Simple premise, complex in flavor. Check out how to make your own HERE.

Coconut Creamed Corn 

Just because it comes on the cob, that doesn't mean you have to leave it that way. A blending of coconut, cilantro and lime with a little red pepper for kick, this corn dish is anything but bland - take your tastebuds on a tropical trip by following the recipe HERE.

Corn With Bacon & Mushrooms 

Sweet corn is not limited to a dinnertime dish. Add bacon and mushrooms and watch the dish transform into eggs' best friend. Try this unique twist out for yourself HERE

Lemon Garlic Glazed Corn On The Cob 

We will be trying this one for ourselves this week! Simply the classic corn on the cob with butter - only the butter has a few tricks up its sleeve. Combined with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic this simple twist creates a whole new world of flavor. Try it for yourself HERE.

Curried Corn Bisque 

If you like to shuck and save your sweet corn for the winter months, you can add this recipe to our fall/winter cooking list. Turn Iowa's greatest summertime treat into a delicious winter time soup by following this recipe. Check it out HERE

Creamed Corn 

This healthy variation of a traditionally not-so-healthy recipe will certainly be making an appearance on the blog this fall. Get an early preview and try it out for yourself HERE

Sweet Corn Spoonbread 

Just like traditional cornbread but oh so much better! Learn how to make your own delicious, soft, succulent cornbread HERE (Registration is required to view recipe - registration is free) 

Avocado Corn Salsa 

Why limit corn to a mealtime staple? With a few tweaks, it becomes a great snack too! Try your hand at this fresh, delicious salsa by following along with the recipe HERE

There you have it folks, just a few of the many, many different uses that sweet corn can fill on your menu. The beauty of sweet corn is that it can be spiced up with red peppers, chili powder or other 'fiery' additions or it can be cooled down with mayo, coconut or avocado. Mix it with the right herbs and you can create a great salsa, blend it with curry powder to create a soup - the limit is your imagination. Hopefully today's feature gave you some good ideas to start with. Happy cooking - enjoy the sweet corn season while it lasts!

Maggie takes to the kitchen on Tuesday this week, and I'll try my hand at big recipe on Thursday. Until then,


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